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Temporary Noise Solutions

The ultimate solution for on site noise reduction!

Noise barriers

Protect your workers and site with our noise barriers

Noise enclosures

Quick and easy to install theyre cost effective and are
ideal for surrounding concentrated noise problems

Temporary Noise Solutions offer highly effective, temporary noise reducing, flexible acoustic barriers for use in a wide range of applications.

At TNS, we represent the Soundex range of acoustic barriers. Soundex is one of the leading brands in noise control and offer a fast, simple and cost effective method of noise reduction for industry and beyond.

Soundex flexible barriers have outstanding noise absorption properties and a patented innovative design which features a Velcro connection seal. Soundex flexible barriers maintain their lead in the market place as a product that achieves optimum performance whilst still being simple &quick to erect.

Multiple applications

Construction projects

Infrastructure projects

Mine sites

Processing plants, factories & workshops

Residential works

Retail renovation

Offshore and onshore oil & gas

Machinery enclosures

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What our Clients Say

"Temporary Noise Solutions helped me with a set of temporary acoustic barriers at short notice, for a construction site in a residential area. Toby Cocks was helpful, flexible and provided great customer service. I will definitely be using Temporary Noise Solutions again and recommend their products to others."

− Miranda Ludlow - Public Transport Authority

"The City of Bayswater used Temporary Noise Solutions sound barriers for a recent project at the City’s Aquatic Centre, the centre was unable to be closed whilst noisy construction work was being undertaken, the barriers successfully prevented noise travelling around the centre, in turn minimising complaints and meeting OH&S requirements."

− Chris Brain – City of Bayswater

"We had an open engine pump-set producing a high level of noise in a residential area. TNS solved our noise problem by providing a complete noise barrier and fencing solution. This system produced an excellent result. TNS were responsive and professional and I would recommend them to anyone seeking a sound attenuating/noise reduction solution."

− Sam Binder - NPE - National Pump & Energy

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